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Our employees

Mona Andreassen

CEO / Authorized Accountant

+47 920 86 008 Wide and varied experience in most industries in accounting, controller functions, payroll, annual accounts and international business operations.

Hege Høgvik Solem


+47 986 27 593 Extensive experience within international group accounts. Works with import, export and declarations. As well as stock within and outside the EU.

Huma Saboor

Controller / Authorized Accountant

+47 959 93 444 Wide expertise in several industries such as accounting, payroll and annual accounts. Works as controller internally and externally.

Synnøve Rygh Theigler


+47 906 64 258 Long and broad experience in guidance and reporting of accounting and salaries.

Chris Philip Stangeby

Accounting coworker

+47 466 64 434 Experience in finance and accounting.

Sidsel Christoffersen

Controller / Authorized Accountant

+47 982 07 448 Been working in the accountancy industry for many years. Wide and versatile experience with accounting and annual accounts. Assists with support of academic issues both externally and internally, and is responsible for internal control of the company.

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